Our knowledge of medical content makes it easier for you, the physician, to do your work. We don’t just source images, we actually direct. Our extraordinary sensitivity to the medical environment and our state-of-the-art technology allow us to meet your maximum quality requirements.

Our teams are well trained with regard to the highest safety and hygiene standards. The patient is always our top priority … from beginning to end. This professionalism allows you to concentrate on presenting your specialty in the best possible light. We are able to simultaneously manage video feeds from multiple clinics and OR’s and to mix these multiple sources in real time to produce the most compelling result. 

With this capability, we are among the leading international companies in our field, and, as a result, have been engaged by medical organizers worldwide, year after year.

We support all types of live transmission – whether by satellite, radio, or IP – and in the highest quality.

– Each event can be provided via live stream and on demand.

– To ensure the best possible image quality, our productions utilize the latest standards and for each medium.